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Catachresis is not a publisher, nor is it a collective, or a distributor. It is a project of Evan Fusco to collect the work of artists and writers of whom they are acquainted in order to turn these works into physical things. The work in which they are interested in gathering can span essays, poetry, fiction, drawings, and photographs and is only limited by the format of the book/zine. These are then sold either through word of mouth or at zine and art book fairs whenever possible. The goal of Catachresis is to generate profit to support artists and writers in their journey to generate ideas themselves whether it be in or out of an institution, as well as to help circulate these works which may otherwise gather digital dust in a hard drive or be relegated to the trash bin when they are no longer deemed worthy. Artists books and zines are constructed in conversation with artists and writers to give physical life to ideas outside of big name publishing. Catachresis is the act by which someone uses a word in an improper way, oftentimes creating a disjunction which disrupts the inherent meaning of the word. Improper usage is not a negative, rather it is a way to use a slippage to construct new meanings.


submissions always accepted,
there are no guidelines for the content that can be submitted except that it be able to be at least pointed to by a book/zine/poster. if the submission is accepted then I will design and contruct a book/zine/poster of the content in conversation with you.
email any content you want considered to

CC-001 Language Systems and Fleshy Machines ; radical gender ideology

other recent publications will be published soon