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Evan Fusco is a Chicago based interdisciplinary artist whose work seeks to challenge definitive notions of subjecthood through a reworking of pressuposed modes of being and looking. They have shown work in varying contexts such as in student shows, digital spaces, zine fairs, and independent art spaces. They were one of the recipients of the first year of the Creativity Works grant at the Cleveland Institute of Art. They have performed in multiple SKNDLSS runway performance shows, curated a small number of group exhibitions, and have self published multiple poetry books. Recently they were in a two person show with Elise Parisian at Apparatus Projects in Chicago, IL. They are currently attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for an MFA in Fiber and Material Studies. In the Fall they will be tabling at the Chicago Art Book Fair and in January will be showing their work among other artist in (dis)comfort zones Underrepresentation and Invisibility in the Institution: An Art Exhibition and Symposium at Carroll University in Waukesha, WI.


On Latham Zearfoss

CIA Grad Evan Fusco Opens Empathetic Solo Show For One Night Only

My work which is based in specific words takes form in a mixture of writing, sculpture, print, and performance begins from an assumed subject position, that through artworks which reorient positions of image, object, and text (and/or speech) obliterate, obfuscate, complicate, or confuse. The pieces masquerade within minimal, conceptual, or formalist strategies, and figures emerge if only to immediately disappear, or change form. These things look like prints embedded in sculptural forms; performances playing at being lectures which are playing at being performances; arrangements of found objects; sculptural print paintings; risograph and offset prints in stacks; books and zines; and writings which are at turns both prose and poetic.

Throughout the making of the work theory is a guiding principle using such thinkers as Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, Nizan Shaked, Jaques Derrida, and Michel Foucault. As of late I have been primarily focused on Deleuze and Guattari’s plateau November 20, 1923: Postulates of Linguistics which through various means I have been using as a tool and a base. Taking identity and subjecthood as key theoretical problems, my work operates on the level of obfuscated object and confused text to poke at the spaces of collapse within identity and subjecthood. One of the primary modes of working against identity and subjection is through breaking away from the individual. If we accept that language inscribes meaning onto the flesh of the body, then one must expand the language, which I do in the work by pulling in references and outside materials. By using outside language, viewpoints, and selves I can allow the work to open up into multiplicities, instead of having it collapse in on one singular point. My question of inquiry then becomes how does one respond to the processes of individuation and subjectification which isolate and solidify through an inscribing of language systems onto fleshy machines?