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Evan Fusco is a Chicago based interdisciplinary artist whose work engages with the body as a site of mutability. They have shown work in varying contexts such as in student shows, digital spaces, zine fairs, and independent art spaces. They were one of the recipients of the first year of the Creativity Works grant at the Cleveland Institute of Art. They have performed in multiple SKNDLSS runway performance shows, curated a small number of group exhibitions, and have self published multiple poetry books. Recently they were in a two person show with Elise Parisian at Apparatus Projects in Chicago, IL. They are currently attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for an MFA in Fiber and Material Studies.

How does one have a conversation and what is at stake whenever one converses with another?  As an answer to that question, one has a conversation with their words, their body, and their past encounters, and everything is at stake when one has a conversation with another.

If that is the case, then what happens when a person is perfectly still or completely quiet?   
Speaking and moving are not only defined by the acts themselves, but are just as much defined by their absence. Silence is a kind of speech, stillness is a kind of movement.

I approach the act of making always as a conversation, between myself and material, myself and my influences, myself and the audience, the work and the audience, the audience with each other. Through an interdisciplinary approach I consider the ways in which communication and the complication of it is the locus of our formation as subjects which exist in the world.